Welcome to Hope’s Field Counselling

The Counselling & Psychotherapy service of Noelle Neylon-Walsh MIAHIP & MIACP.

Is life difficult right now ?  Perhaps you’re feeling anxious or down  ? Maybe in school or at work you've been feeling this way for a while ? Sometimes you may feel like you don’t really fit in ? Talking to friends and family can help. Although there may be times when  these supports are not available, or the issue in need of discussion may be too close to home. Talking to someone who is independent, whom you can trust  to have your best interests at heart,  can be a relief !  In these situations it can help to talk to a trusted counsellor or psychotherapist.

Noelle Neylon-Walsh seeks to help teenagers and adults access their inner strengths and discover their own unique ways of coping with life. Noelle works with young people and adults to help them achieve their own aims for counselling /psychotherapy by developing a better understanding of themselves. This fresh understanding may guide people towards becoming more empowered to develop their own solutions.

People who attend the service come from a variety of backgrounds and age groups including adolescents (11 years +), third level students, parents and trainee counselling and psychotherapy students.

Find out more about Noelle’s professional profile here. 

A journey shared is a journey halved. Support that makes life’s struggles easier can only be of benefit! If you are thinking of taking that first step to attend counselling and believe that Hope’s Field Counselling can help you access the support you need, you can make contact with me by phone, by email, by text or by sending a message to Noelle via her Contact Page now.

If you would like some guidance in choosing the counsellor that suits you best then send me an email with the Subject: Tips for choosing a counsellor  and I will send you a Tips for Counselling Information Sheet

"Forget your perfect offering, there is a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in."

("Anthem" by Leonard Cohen, 1992)