Contacting Noelle

Support that makes life's struggles easier can only be of benefit.

If you are considering counselling/psychotherapy and believe I can help you, then I look forward to hearing from you

when the time is right for you.

A phone call or text is the most direct and consistent way of making contact with Noelle.

A mobile phone conversation or text is also the most reliable way of keeping your personal information private and confidential. If your mobile number is part of the message or contained in the email I will make every effort to contact you as soon as possible.

Please note that Internet service providers may sometimes be able to view information input by phone users into online formats (text messages, email messages or information on contact forms).  So it is important that, in taking those first steps to accessing the professional support you need that, you consider carefully the detail of the information written in emails, phone texts and contact forms sent to me.


The practice centres are located at

Teach Dara,
Community and Family Centre,
Academy St.,
Kildare Town.
R51 D803

AnneLeigh Counselling & Psychotherapy,
5 Dublin Rd.,
Naas East, Naas,
Co. Kildare.
W91 HKD4