What is counselling & psychotherapy?

Counselling/Psychotherapy is a process through which someone who is independent and professionally trained provides you with a secure, confidential and non-judgmental space to help you gently explore life’s difficulties and challenges at your own pace. Finding someone you can trust to provide that space is the central pillar of a positive, supportive counselling relationship.

How can counselling / psychotherapy help?

Ireland has changed drastically in recent years, from a closed, imposing society to a more tolerant and supportive place to live. As an teenager or an adult change is part of every person’s story, including yours, and it can be hard to deal with !  How we cope with change is determined by many things, including life experiences and how we interpret them.  Relationships can be complex, whether they are with partners, children, extended family, friends or work colleagues. Sometimes, it can be difficult to find support. At the same time, we’re expected to fit in and be at ease with ourselves. All of this can be difficult to navigate. So how do you make the right choices for you ?

Through counselling / psychotherapy, you can gain a better understanding of who you really are and what will work best for you. This understanding can make life so much easier by guiding you to  make the choices that are right for you.  In essence, counselling can help by increasing your awareness of change. It can help you discover the courage to make the changes that are needed,  guide you to accept the things you cannot change. But most importantly, it can provide the insight and personal wisdom needed to know the difference between the two.

Are Counselling & Psychotherapy the same ?

From the view point of the person attending therapy the fundamental issue is that a therapist needs to have the experience and skills to support each person presenting needs. Counselling & Psychotherapy are not the same due to the level of training, experience and personal development work required to become a psychotherapist. Counselling is an imbedded skill integrated into the training of psychotherapists. Consequently all psychotherapists are trained as counsellors. Presently, Counsellors and psychotherapists are not a regulated profession. In 2017 the Minister for Health announced the decision to designate two separate and distinct professions of psychotherapist and counsellor under the Health & Social Care Professionals Act 2005.